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Our Vision

Virtualization: sounds like a new and innovative concept, right?

Actually, it's been around for thousands of years, and it's a core component of human survival. The word 'virtualization' pre-dates computers, but what does it mean? At its roots, virtualization is simply the ability to experience an event that isn't in physical occurrence.

A Neanderthal's hunting tale qualifies as virtualization. When a tale is told, synapses fire in the brain of those listening, exactly as if they were acting out the story unfolding before them. Virtualization is what allows us to empathize with another person's emotions through a mere description. And, virtualization is what allows us to learn from our ancestor's trial and error, allowing generations to build one upon the other!

The tools we use to virtualize events have evolved continuously over time. We've developed vocabulary, grammar, and syntax for over 4500 languages, enabling us to express complex ideas and concepts. We've produced illustrations in myriad forms, some of which are even in motion. And, we've established a world-wide electronic and optical infrastructure, the internet, for the sole purpose of transferring virtualized concepts from one person to another. With each technological advancement in media and other forms of virtualization, more and more of the 'listener's' synapses are firing off - providing him or her with a stronger empathy for an otherwise unrelated individual, or enhancing his or her ability to learn skills from someone located halfway around the globe.

Virtual Reality (VR), a technology that acts directly on human sight and hearing, is the next big step in the evolution of virtualization. VR engages the listener through actual physical interactions, maximizing the number of synapses firing in the brain. VR is an insanely powerful tool that allows the listener to not only step into another person's shoes... but actually to walk in them.

Here at Aperium, we believe that the VR technology we have today is only the tip of the iceberg. We strive to provide the world's best content creators with the hardware and software they need to train, entertain, or educate their audiences. Aperium may not have invented VR, but the team has taken the medium and elevated it to another level - by allowing the audience to interact with dynamic large-scale simulations. Our interactive motion platform allows professionals from all trades to educate, entertain, and train like never before. Our mission at Aperium is to empower you to connect and engage with your audience at the next level.

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Press Releases and Articles

Virtual Reality - a Solution to Reduce Training Costs?

At I/ITSEC 2019, Aperium has collaborated with Epic Games, Offworld Industries and Presagis to demonstrate how effective VR can be when combined with the right technologies and expertise.

Building large-scale virtual worlds!

There is a fundamental real-world constraint that must be considered when creating large scale virtual realities; they need physical space for participants to move in.

New address

Aperium is moving to another dimension!

We've moved to 5000 rue d'Iberville - Suite 333, in Montreal.

Together, we move!

Create a reliable, safe and sustainable transport system that not only revitalizes neighborhoods and the local economy but also reduces CO2 emissions, traffic and noise pollution.

Aperium at I/ITSEC 2018

Trainees will be able to experience synthetic environments from high above the city, down to street level, to inside buildings, and all the way to underground tunnels.

MT Lab incubation program

Aperium has been selected! We will have the chance to collaborate with their partners and the other selected companies in addition to benefit from the valuable advice of their unique team!


We're having a blast showing off Aperium's tech at the G7! It's not everyday we get to see this!

Enter The Duat

Enter the Duat is a first-person location-based VR adventure set in the unique Ancient Egyptian underworld known as the Duat.

Dreamhack 2018

Ever wanted to try Dead End while playing with a friend? Co-op mode's available at Dreamhack!

Dead End

Just another day blasting zombies! Chapter 1 and 2 now playable!


The best VR experience I've ever lived

- Pierre : Founder of Frima

Ça a pas de sens comment c'est immersif!

- Catherine : Planète Techno

I thought I was IN that world!

- Elias : BT Montreal

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