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The only VR treadmill with a primary focus on immersion and ease of use.

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How it works

The secret to the K-01's impressive degree of immersion lies within the V-Orient technology which plays two major roles.


It accelerates and decelerates the treadmill in a way that maintains the user's balance and ensures perfect coherence with the user's visual perception of his surroundings.


It reorients the virtual world imperceptibly such that it transforms a uni-dimensional treadmill into an omnidirectional one.

In fact, the V-Orient technology is so imperceptible that a significant number of first time users walk for 30ft and ask if the treadmill is even on.

Easy To Use

Easy to use

Users only need to put on a belt, slip on the headset and start exploring their environment. The K-01 is the only treadmill with no learning curve.

Easy to clean

Low Maintenance

The K-01 is easy to clean and has few moving part, ensuring high uptime and low maintenance costs.

One fits all

One size fits all

The K-01 has been tested on users of 10 to 80 years of age, 4 to 7 feet tall, with high heels and even canes accross various industries from entertainment, sales and professional training.

The K-01 Platform

The K-01 technology is available as a fully-equipped, stand-alone solution that can simply be plugged into any wall socket. Alternatively, it can be integrated into larger, multimodal simulation systems.

VR Treadmill

You Are the Expert

We help experts from all fields take their immersive applications to the next level. Whether you use VR to study motion, bring stories to life, train professionals or show off cool products, we're here to make your large-scale ideas become reality.

Game Engine Support

In order for the V-Orient technology to function, it must know where the user is allowed to navigate within the environment. A comprehensive toolkit is available for easy marking of navigational constraints in the Unity game engine, making it possible to port any existing content to the K-01 pod.

VR Treadmill

Still not convinced?

Even within a single field, each application has its own set of objectives and constraints. Due to this reality, some locomotion solutions on the market may be better suited to fit a given set of circumstances. Check out our buyer’s guide if you’re considering the purchase of a virtual reality treadmill but are not sure which solution best suits your needs.

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