Virtual Reality is bigger
than you thought!
Don't think you can walk kilometers in virtual reality? Think again. Meet the Kinescape.

The Kinescape

The Kinescape is the only VR locomotion solution that allows the user a full range of motion. As the user moves naturally around the platform, the walking belt's speed is adjusted in an imperceptible manner.

By eliminating the need for a harness, the user is allowed to truly be immersed and move freely within the virtual experience!


Full Integration
Built-in PC, tracking devices and cable management make for a very clean look.
Easy Setup
No harness, no special shoes. Clip on the belt, strap on the headset and have fun!
No learning how to teleport, how to "armwalk" or changing your gait. Just walk like you do every day!
Multiplayer Use
Ideal for multiplayer experiences. Explore vast virtual worlds, solve puzzles, defend each other's backs.
Although walking on a treadmill has inherent risks, our installations are safe to use and do not require any supervision.
No Nausea
We have yet to have our first complaint about nausea, a common problem with many locomotion solutions.


The future of entertainment is in VR. We want to help you make your arcade or gaming hall distinct and unique.
Complementary Attractions
Virtual reality is finding its way into many niche locations. Museums, gyms and theme parks are only the tip of the iceberg.
Some products are impossible to bring into your showroom. Instead, walk your clients through a virtual, life-like version of your product.

Our Demos

M-Style Bros

The first of its kind KVR Platformer. Jump from platform to platform using a jetpack, chow down on some delicious treats and make way for yourself using the fireblaster!

The Nest

If you like horror, then you will love this experience. Flashlight in hand and pistol in the other, beware of what lurks around you in the dark.

The Bunker

The Bunker is a first of its kind, coop puzzle game where you and a group of friends infiltrate the worlds most notorious banks and casinos to steal some loot! (Coming soon)