Premium VR experiences

We offer premium VR experiences that are unique and memorable. Our high-end experiences make use of the Kinescape, a platform which allows the user to roam around an infinite virtual space with the same freedom one may experience in everyday life. This creates a palpable and memorable experience that keeps you coming back for more.

Experience the Impossible

We have a select collection of experiences and games which are suited for use with the Kinescape. They stand apart from most virtual reality experiences in the respect that they are both extremely intuitive and powerful. We are currently in the process of increasing our selection without compromising quality.

The Manor

Project Cobblestone

The Nest

The Kinescape

The Kinescape is the only VR locomotion solution that allows the user a full range of motion. As the user moves naturally around the platform, the walking belt's speed is adjusted in an imperceptible manner.

By eliminating the need for a harness, the user is allowed to truly be immersed and move freely within the virtual experience!

What people are saying

I was convinced this was a 360° treadmill! I still don’t understand how that worked, but it did!

I’ve tried a lot of VR experiences… this is hard to beat.

The hardest part was getting back to reality!

I can’t believe I was walking in VR! I couldn’t even feel the treadmill!

Project Cobblestone


The exact date no longer matters, nor does the exact time of day. Since the outbreak, you've been on the move, both day and night, just to stay alive. You once thought you were lucky to be alive but with time and fatigue, you now wonder if it would be easier to let yourself succumb to the infected.

Thankfully, you are not alone. Keeping your friends alive is probably what allows you to endure constant fatigue and hunger. Not a bunch you would normally have close to you before the outbreak but every time one of picks you up off the ground, they start to feel more and more like family...


A demo version of this adventure was presented for the first time at the Montreal International Game Summit. Tremendously appreciated by the public and given the "Coup de Coeur Expo" recognition. A first of its kind multiplayer experience, this game is specifically designed for VR arcades and entertainment centers.

The full featured version of the game includes:

  • More than 1 hour of gameplay for up to 4 players
  • Configurable difficulty levels
  • The game's iconic crossbow

This action packed adventure puts you and three of your friends in the front seat of your own tale. In order to fight your way through hordes of zombies you and your team must communicate and collaborate in order to survive.

Affected – The Manor

Affected - The Manor by Fallen Planet is all about exploring and working your way through a haunted manor. The tense atmosphere will keep you on your toes throughout! Combining the original Manor experience with the Kinescape has allowed us to created a highly memorable experience with an unprecedented level of immersion. The narrative unfolds at the player's pace as he or she progresses through the hallways of the haunted manor. This experience truly bridges the gap between video games and cinematography, which has allowed us to present it at numerous events with tremendous success.

The Manor – Escape Variant

In order to create an engaging experience for an entire group of players, Affected - The Manor by Fallen Planet has been adapted and combined to a complementary escape room. Players are invited to enter a young girl's "memories" in order to obtain clues which will be used in order to solve the real-world escape room. Player communication is necessary as the experience presented to each player varies, making it impossible for a single player to obtain all clues necessary to resolve the entire puzzle.

The Bunker

The Bunker is a game we are currently developing. It is an engaging asymmetrical multiplayer experience where players are required to work together in order to pull off a heist. Some players are immersed inside the virtual world in order to physically resolve puzzles which block their way to the vault. Other players are immersed in a physical recreation of the escape van. These players are equipped with high tech equipment and have access to high level information the players in VR do not have.

This way, the only way to solve the given scenario is to collaborate as a team and communicate in order to put together the knowledge that the team outside of virtual reality has with the hands-on abilities of the team inside virtual reality.

The Nest

The Nest is an interactive game where you find yourself alone in an old abandoned mine. Flashlight in one hand and pistol in the other, you need to escape the giant spiders that would rather keep you as their meal. This experience is designed in such a way that each twist and turn of the long dark tunnels brings exiting and terrifying elements to the experience. This game was originally created by us as a proof of concept for the first iterations of the Kinescape. Due to strong reactions and acclaim from our public, this experience will be remastered and improved in the near future.